How To Make Wi-Fi Work after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Can’t Get Rid of Wi-Fi Issues after Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Oops!! You are so happy to upgrade your computer to Window 10 Anniversary, however, you may be disappointed by some issues in Windows 10 Anniversary update. One of the most problems is Wi-Fi not working after Windows 10 Anniversary update.
Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is a big update in Windows 10. Many features have been improved and they are more useful. Unfortunately, some common bugs caused by incompatibility Wi-Fi problems in Windows 10 Anniversary is properly caused by it. Some users said although Wi-Fi is normal, but the speed is so slow.

How to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Wi-Fi Problem

Indeed, this kind of Wi-Fi issue is not the first time. In other Windows 10 editions even Windows 8.1 Windows 8 has the similar problems. So, since it is a so-called common issue, we must have solutions to fix Wi-Fi not working in Windows computer.
Based on the users’ reports, Wi-Fi issues happened to Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, HP and so on. Even Surface book and Surface Pro series ever had Wi-Fi problems after Windows system update. Let’s take a look the ways for Windows 10 Anniversary Wi-Fi problems fixing.

1.Reset Network adapter Settings in Windows 10 Anniversary

If you find there is something wrong with your Windows 10 computer, you can try to reset network adapter to make network work properly. This is an easy job. Follow the steps:
a.Close any program that you may be running and save your work.
b.Make sure you know your Wi-Fi password, as you’ll need it to reconnect.
c.Use the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to open the Settings app.
d.Click Network & internet.
e.Click Status.
f.Click Network Reset.

Finally, restart your computer. And if your computer is using a wireless adapter, make sure to reconnect it.


2. Apply Internet Connection Troubleshooter to Fix No Wireless Internet after Windows 10 Anniversary Update
If updating Wi-Fi drivers doesn’t help, try to apply the built-in Internet Connection Troubleshooter to resolve the no wireless Internet after Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Step 1. Press Windows key + X to open the search box.
Step 2. Type troubleshooting in the search box.
Step 3. Click Troubleshooting in the search results.
Step 4. Click View all and then click Internet Connection troubleshooter.
Step 5. Click Next.

Step 6. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting process.

3. Update Wireless network drivers for Windows 10 Anniversary to Wi-Fi not working issues
As I said, many problems happen in Windows 10 are caused by incompatibility between software and hardware. Therefore, we can try to update wireless network drivers for Windows 10 Anniversary.
To update drivers, we can refer to official support website to download compatible one. However, this way cost much time. To download compatible drivers for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, you could use a professional driver management utility like Driver Talent to download and install drive in a moment.

If your no Wi-Fi after Windows 10 Anniversary Update issue still exists after trying all the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods, please comment below for further assistance.



How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues in HP Laptop in Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

To choose HP laptop including Pavilion, Envy, we won’t ignore the convenient way that is Wi-Fi networking to access and share the Internet. However, some accidents always will happen in our daily using of wireless connection in HP laptop, tablet and notebook. HP laptop Wi-Fi issues may appear when you re-install and update Windows system. And other situations also may make connection is slow or stop from time to time.
The following ways can help Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP HP laptop, tablet and notebook to fix Wi-Fi problems.

Useful Ways to Repair HP Laptop Computer Wi-Fi Problems

1.Update or Re-install Wi-Fi drivers for HP Laptop

Generally, driver is very important for device in Windows computer to work properly. When you find a device including Wi-Fi adapter, network, graphics card, or sound card works abnormally, you can try to check whether the driver for them is available or not. Especially, when your HP PC is updated to new Windows like Windows 10 update, you need to upgrade drivers for it as well. So, when you find Wi-Fi doesn’t work on your HP laptop computer, you can try to update Wi-Fi drivers for HP laptop on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP.
As is known to all, we can use Device Manger to update driver for Windows computer. And user also can go to HP support website to download related drives. However, as for me, the two ways are not the best. I have been used to rely on a useful driver management program like Driver Talent to manage drivers on my HP Pavilion laptop. This kind of program can detect and scan out computer driver situation. Then it will give user prompts to download, update, repair backup and restore drivers.

2.Check and reset the hardware

Sometimes, hardware will be a trouble maker. You need to check hardware at this moment, Restarting seems to do anything in digital issues. You can try to restart your HP laptop or the router/modern which apply wireless network. After turning off, you had better wait for about 5 seconds before turning on devices,
Of course, the most serious method is reset router even your HP Windows computer for fixing problems.

3.Search help with HP automatic troubleshooting

A computer must has a tool to help user deal with problems. Thus, we can make use of tools by HP or Microsoft to text and repair wireless connection. Pay attentions to the prompt when problem happens, there is a note about “help” to let you find ways from official. If your HP computer originally came with Windows 8, use HP Support Assistant as it has special code specifically designed for HP computers. If your computer does not have HP Support Assistant, use the automated troubleshooter that is included with Windows 10.

fix hp laptop wifi issues

How to Create a Wi-Fi hotspot on Your HP Laptop on Windows 10

OK, I think you have done. HP laptop Wi-Fi driver problems has been fixed by you. Honestly, we can make HP computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot in this moment. It is very convenient way to share Internet for mobile phone, tablet or other Wi-Fi enable devices without a router.
I use Windows Wi-Fi creator tool like OSToto Hotspot to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on my HP laptop. With this tool, you don’t need to do complex settings on Windows to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to Fix Internet Issue after Windows 10 update and Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10

Network Problem after Windows 10 Update?

Your compute can’t link to Internet after Windows 10 update? No network connection after upgrading Windows 10? Oh, you are not alone. This kind of problem is very common after Windows system update including Windows 10. You may be frustrated and want to learn how to fix Internet issues after Windows 10 update. The post can help you.

Fix It-How to Repair Windows 10 Has no Network

No network in Windows 10 make no Wi-Fi as well. You can’t do other thing if there is no Internet on your new Windows 10. Microsoft announced that this problem may be caused by VPN software. The driver for network doesn’t be upgraded during Windows 10 update. That will make computer fail to find or create Wi-Fi. And the wire network may not work as well, because there is no compatible driver for network card in Windows 10.
Indeed, there are possible ways can help you fix it.
Firstly, you need to install network driver for Windows 10. You may ask, there is no Internet, how to download and install network driver on Windows 10? Yup, as there is no Internet, you can download it on other network enabled devices including mobile phone. The driver installation is an .exe file generally. Then you transfer it to computer for installation.
Of course, what annoy you may be you need to waste time to find compatible network card driver for Windows 10. As for me, I will use professional driver tool to save time in this moment.

fix no network after windows 10 update
For example, a tool named Driver Talent for Network Card can install drivers without network. You can download it on mobile phone and transfer to computer to install. When you install this program, the network card driver is also installing. After installing, your Windows 10 computer network will be available. And this tool will help you install other drives for Windows 10. With its help, you don’t need to spend much time to find and install driver and fix Windows 10 Internet problems.

How to Enable Wi-Fi and Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10

As long as you repair network driver problem in Windows 10, I think you can use Wi-Fi in Windows 10. Open Wi-Fi in Settings, and make sure the physical Wi-Fi button on your laptop. If it still can’t work, try to go to Device Manager, click on the Action tab and choose Scan for hardware change.

If you still can’t find the Wi-Fi hotspot, try to reset Wi-Fi for router or laptop. Typing in browser commonly can access to router setting. Besides, you can use CMD to reset the Wi-Fi hotspot from Windows 10 computer.
As for me, I think the settings is very trouble, so I will use a free hotspot tool for Windows to help me turn on a Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10 computer.
OSToto Hotspot is a free and professional WiFi hotspot creator tool for computer. It enables you to build a stable and personal (or public) hotspot without wireless router. You can free share your computer Internet connection with all WiFi-enabled devices, like phones, tables, laptops, etc.

Here, I think your Windows 10 computer network issues are fixed. You also can learn how to fix limited Wi-Fi connections problem in Windows: