How to Download Drivers for another Windows Computer

Want to Download Drivers for Another Computer?

It is very common that people has two or more computers for various purposes. However, when you need to update Windows system, you may be annoyed by updating drivers for Windows PC.
If one of your computer can work properly, you must want to download drivers for another computer from it. Honestly, this way is possible. As long as you know the hardware ID on the computer which has no drivers, you can search and download compatible drivers, then transfer them to another computer for installing. It seems to be easy. However, it is not an easy job to download a compatible for Windows computer.

I had a chance to download drivers for my Dell XPS laptop on my Asus desktop, because the XPS didn’t has network card drivers. It couldn’t connect to Internet to find and download device drivers. I used a tool. After few steps, all needed drivers for Dell XPS had been installed.
Let me show you how I can do it with a tool.

Steps to Download Drivers for another Computer on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

The tool’s name is Driver Talent. It is a professional driver utility for Windows computer. You can use it download and update drivers for Windows PC.
Well, let’s begin to use Driver Talent to download another computer driver.

Step 1: Get hardware profile from the computer which has no Internet and drivers

You can download Driver Talent on the Internet enabled computer, then transfer it to the computer needed to install drivers. Go to Pre-download function, choose to export hardware profile to download drivers.


Step 2: Transfer hardware profile to the Internet enabled computer
Well, after you export the hardware profile, you need to transfer it to the computer which has Internet. You can find a “pre-download” files in save directory folder. Copy it to the computer.


Step 3: download drivers with tool based on the hardware profile
On your computer which has good Internet access, run Driver Talent. On the “Pre-download” interface, choose the second option “Pre-download drivers for another PC by importing hardware profile”. And click “Next”.
Follow the hints to choose hardware profile to download drivers. Those drivers will be save in default directory folder.



Step 4: Transfer the downloaded drivers to the computer which has no Internet access
OK, now you can copy those driver with USB driver to computer which need to install drivers. You must know how to do it.


Step 5: Just install driver with Driver Talent
On the computer without Internet, click the “Pre-download” interface of Driver Talent, choose the last option “Install drivers with downloaded driver files”, and click “Next”. Then follow the guides to finish installing.


Addition: How to Download and Install drivers for Windows without Network

If your computer didn’t have network driver to make network work, but need to install drivers, you can use Driver Talent for Network Card. After you install it to your Windows computer, the network card is enabled. Your computer can connect to Internet generally. Then just use the tool to download other drivers. Driver Talent make Windows computer drivers installing so easy,