The best way to create a Free WiFi Hotspot on Windows 10

As it is known to all, Window system including Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Window 10 can use virtual network to share Internet via WiFi hotspot. However, after Windows 7Microsoft seems to forget this convenient feature , in Window 8/10. So, in windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10, user can’t create WiFi hotspot as easy as Windows 7.

User need to turn on a free Wifi hotspot in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 via typing CMD commends. This way may be not easy for users who are not skillful to use computer professionally.

What’s a Wi-Fi Hotspot

A Wi-Fi (or wireless) hotspot is a physical location which offers Internet access over a wireless local area network or WLAN. You can use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, laptop or any other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to access the hotspot, and then you can connect to the Internet. Typically, you can find Wi-Fi hotspots at public places, like airports, bookstores, coffee shops, department stores, fuel stations, hotels, hospitals, libraries, restaurants, supermarkets, train stations, etc. You can create your own Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows computer at your home, office, meeting room, or party to share wireless internet connection for free.



How to use software to create a Free WiFi hotspot on Windows 10

Indeed, compared with the CMD way in Windows 10, the best way to make free WiFi hotspot on Windows 10 computer including Asus/Dell/HP/Lenovo/Acer/Toshiba/Samsung/Vaio is using a free WiFi creator program.

This kind of WiFi creator program can help user turn on WiFi hotspot in Windows 10 laptop, desktop and notebook without typing commends in CMD runing windows. And it has more features like users manager, shutdown timer, etc. OSToto Hotpot is one of the best. This freeware can easily help user build a free WiFi hotspot in Window 10 PC.

Step 1: Launch OSToto Hotspot

After downloading OSToto Hotspot, run it in your Windows 10 laptop, desktop and notebook computer. It will turn on WiFi hotspot automatically. Besides, for desktop or the laptop without wireless network card, you can connect a USB wireless adaptor. OSToto will help you install compatible driver for it.

Step 2: Connect to the Free hotspot created by OSToto

After turning on your Windows 10 WiFi hotspot, you can change the WiFi name(SSID) and password. And then use your device link to this hotspot.


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