How to Create Free WiFi Hotspot on Asus/Dell/HP/Lenovo/Acer/Toshiba/Samsung computer

It is very convenient to create a wireless network between multiple computers, Android phones, iPhones, tablets or to share the Internet connection that was available on one of them after Windows 7. No matter if you use Asus/Dell/HP/Lenovo/Acer/Toshiba/Samsung laptop, desktop or notebook, you can create free WiFi Hotspot in Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC.

What You need for Asus/Dell/HP/Lenovo/Acer/Toshiba/Samsung computer Free WiFi Hotspot Creating

To use Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP laptop, desktop and notebook computer as WiFi hotspot, you need to make sure that your computer at least has two network cards. And one of them must be wireless network card, another one need to connect to the Internet.

However, if your computer including Asus/Dell/HP/Lenovo/Acer/Toshiba/Samsung/Sony don’t have wireless network card, or it is a desktop computer, you need plug a USB wireless adapter to boardcast signal. Then you have prepared to make Asus/Dell/HP/Lenovo/Acer/Toshiba/Samsung/Sony computer as WiFi Hotspot.



Guides to Set up A Free WiFi Hotspot for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP Computer

Honestly, compared with the virtual network that is created by CMD in Windows OS, I prefer to use a freeware for computer WiFi hotspot creating to turn computer into WiFi hotspot.

For example, OSToto Hotspot in one of the best program to build a free WiFi hotspot on Windows laptop/desktop/notebook. With this program, you don’t need to type complicated commends in Windows OS to share Internet for other device. Only one click can help you achieve it fastly and easily.

Firstly, download and install OSToto Hotspot on your computer(Asus/Dell/HP/Lenovo/Acer/Toshiba/Samsung/Sony,etc). It support for all brands of PC which run on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10.

Then, after installing, this program will turn on WiFi hotspot automatically. You can rename the SSID and set password.

Finally, just link the devices you want to Internet via this hotspot created by OSToto Hotspot.

In What kinds of cases you need to share Internet with WiFi Hotspot on Computer

The way mentioned above is available in the following scenarios:

1.In the school dormitory, you just can link to Internet via wire. It is inconvenient to use wireless router. However, you hope your mobile phone, game player, music player,etc can share Internet with WiFi.

2.Your portable devices can’t search out the signal from ad-hoc hotspot which is made by CMD.

3.You want to share Internet for families in a house but there is no wireless router.

4.You want to limit the time of surfing on the Internet for children.

5 You would like to share free network for customers in your store.



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