Free sharing Internet-Create WiFi hotspot on Windows computer

Want to share Internet for various own digital devices? It is very common that many users want to their mobile phones, digital cameras, game players, music players,etc link to Internet via only a WiFi hotspot account. So, most of them want to make their Windows computer as a WiFi hotspot.

Free ways to build WiFi hotspots on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC

Officially, after Windows 8 released, Microsoft add a feature to allow users create WiFi hotspot to share network wich CMD. You can learn more from here: For desktop computer, you need to use a USB wireless network adapter as wirless network card. This kind of machine is more and more common and cheaper and cheaper. As long as you connect it to your desktop computer and install driver, computer will recognize it as a wireless network card. Then,just follow the guides to turn on WiFi hotsopot with CMD.
On a laptop with wireless card, only enable hotspot feature in CMD.

free to build up wifi hotspot on computer

free to build up wifi hotspot on computer


Another kind of way to build a WiFi hotspot on laptop, desktop and notebook is using the 3rd-party tool. I think it is more convenient than CMD.
For the tool, I prefer to use a program named OSToto Hotspot which can easy and free to help user set up WiFi hotsopot for Windows PC icluding Asus/Dell/Acer/HP/Lenovo/Samsung. Two modes allows user use WiFi based on different demands and devices. Although you don’t know how to use CMD in Windows, only one-click, WiFi hotspot can be set up on your laptop. More detail about this program here:

Steps for 160WiFi to create WiFi hotspot on Windows computer freely

1.Download and install OSToto Hotspot to your Windows 10/8.1/8/7 computer.

2.Launch program and motify the SSID and password of your own WiFi hotspot.

3.Turn on WiFi hotspot with one Click.


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